Easy-to-use, affordable, and effective security solution for encrypting column and row data within the MSSQL Server, MSDE and SQL Express .



We purchased XP_CRYPT and SQL Shield last year and are very pleased with stability and performance of your software. During this year we didn't have any problems with it. We are using those components in highly transactional environment available 24/7/365. Thanks for providing great software!

Marcello Savorani
Visual Computing s.r.l.

SQL-Shield Released ! SQL Shield is a built-in tool for SQL Server that offers hacker-proof encryption for triggers, views and procedures; none of the currently available SQL decryptors are capable of cracking SQL Shield encryption. Most importantly, all encrypted procedures remain executable! Moreover, installing SQL Shield does not affect any settings and does not replace default encryption options entirely.

Among our customers are financial and medical organizations, internet service providers, industrial companies, banks, solution providers and entertainment sites. XP_CRYPT has built its reputation serving customers who demand the very best. They are different in budget: from small hosting providers up to companies listed in NASDAQ.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

California Department of Health Services
Ingram Micro Inc.

We offer free and commercial version of the software. The free version is a full featured and not time limited program.

Why protect you data and code ? Why XP_CRYPT & SQL Shield ? A Project Manager's Perespective (PDF)

International versions available: Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Hindi, Traditional and Simplified Chinese

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