XP_CRYPT: field level encryption for SQL Server.

Why choose XP_CRYPT ?

"Why XP_CRYPT and SQL Shield?" A Project's Manager's Perespective. (PDF)

You can easily perform a dynamic column encryption in views, procedures and triggers in SQL Server and MSDE with a simple set of functions. They are implemented as Extended Stored Procedures, stored procedures, and user defined functions (UDF). They can be used in addition to, or instead of the entire database encryption.

Here are our key features:

Full set of encryption algorithms.

XP_CRYPT includes:

  • Symmetric encryption algorithms: AES (USA standard), Triple DES, DESX, RC4 
  • Asymmetric: RSA
  • Digital signatures: DSA (USA standard) , RSA
  • Hashes SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, MD5 and DES.
  • x.509 certificates are supported. 

This means our product meets requirements of VISA and governmental, healthcare and financial organizations.

Source availability

There are no similar products which also provide the complete source code!

Free version available

The time unlimited free version of the product is available. For example if a user needs just a password protection he/she can use the free version and its hash functions which are unlimited.


Compatible with OpenSSL library which is the main encryption library on UNIX systems. This means a user can develop his own 3rd party application that can work with encrypted data.

Remote installation

The installer can copy and register the extended stored procedures even if you have only SQL Server connection and all the rest is firewalled. Other solutions use windows shares (which are often unavailable) for copying DLLs.

Redistribution version

Customers can purchase redistribution license and distribute XP_CRYPT as a part of their own software product without paying for each license.

Affordable prices

The last but not the least. Wheather you buy single license or redistributional, our prices are the most attractive at the market!

We offer free and commercial version of the software. The free version is a full featured and not time limited program. However it has some functional limitation shown in the table:
Free Version Single License (32 OR 64bit) Company License (32+64bit) Redistribution License (32+64bit)
Price $0 $998 $9,998 $14,990
Number of Servers Any 1 All in your organization Any
Can redistribute?  Yes No No Yes
Support and bug fixes? Free Free Free Free
Has ServerID binding No Yes No No
MD5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SHA1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
DES Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Asymmetric encryption
RSA strength 256 bit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
RSA encryption Limited to 14 chars Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
DSA strength No No Unlimited Unlimited
DSA signature No No Unlimited Unlimited
Symmetric encryption
AES Limited to 14 chars Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
DESX Limited to 14 chars Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
RC4 Limited to 14 chars Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Triple DES No Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Certificate Support
Load public key from x.509 certificate No Yes Yes Yes

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